After conducting an employee satisfaction survey, AstraZeneca discovered that employees were unhappy with their employment benefits. This was the starting point of an information transformation with the help of Benify.
Astra Zeneca

Before the Benify portal was implemented, only 8% of AstraZeneca's employees were aware of their total compensation. Fast forward two months, and that number was significantly higher.

The solution was to make each employee aware of their benefits by providing them with easily accessible, relevant information. This was particularly important for retirement pensions – a benefit that was costly and time-consuming for HR who struggled to engage employees on this topic .

– “We found that our people didn’t want to know the ins and outs of our pension policy. They just wanted to know what was best for them” says Ulf Holmgren, Regional Benefits Lead at AstraZeneca.

The most popular benefit among AstraZeneca’s employees? A flexible bonus managed and utilised through the portal.

– “Our bonus exchange is very popular with our employees. Through our portal, they can choose what to do. For example, they can buy more vacation, invest it in their pension or withdraw it via their next salary payment” says Ulf Holmgren.

  • 1Increased awareness

    The percentage of employees who know about their total compensation increased from 8% to 31% in just two months after launching the Benify portal. In addition, HR received fewer questions from employees.
  • 2High employee engagement ratio

    A total of 99% of employees log in to the portal twice a month, for example, to see their digital pay slip or manage their flexible bonus.
  • 3Happy Employees

    According to Benify's annual survey, Benify Score, we found that AstraZeneca's employees were among those most satisfied with their employment benefits in 2017.

More than just salary

– “If we can only offer or communicate net-salary earnings, we wouldn’t have a chance in the UK or US. However, if we can show that our pension is one of the best, then we are really competing against other employers” says Ulf Holmgren.