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How To Capitalise on Challenges - Raconteur Future of HR

In the November 6 issue of Raconteur called “Future of HR”, Chris Wakley discusses HR as a strategic importance for business growth, the HR challenges of tomorrow and the power of app-based technology in a feature-length article called “How To Capitalise on Challenges”.

Are your employees as engaged as they could be?- REBA

In May, we were featured in a REBA article entitled “Are your employees as engaged as they could be?”, which discusses how satisfaction, belonging and commitment is believed to be some of the main factors contributing to employee engagement.

Why financial wellness is the topic you cannot afford to ignore – REBA

In October, we had an article published on the REBA (Reward & Employee Benefits Association) website called “Why financial wellness is the topic you cannot afford to ignore”. The feature explains how financial wellness can be an impactful way to communicate and support employees with everything from specific benefits to extra services and even counselling.

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Employees Potential – HR Vision

In the Content Hub section of The HR Vision conference website, you can find a dedicated subpage titled “5 Keys to Unlocking Your Employees Potential” where visitors can enter their email address and download the Benify handbook of the same name.

Show Love, Think Ahead, Exceed Expectations – EME Outlook

The EME Outlook Magazine website features a very sleek-looking 6-page e-booklet devoted solely to Benify, which can be found under the `Company Profiles´ menu of the website. Directly below the e-book browser, you can also read an inspiring, in-depth interview with Markus Kullendorff where he discusses the company´s beginnings and our product offerings.