Reduce your personnel management by digitalising

Most people who work in HR do so because they enjoy working with people, not because they have a passion for administration. This is where Benify comes in.
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Most Common Automation & Digitisation FAQs

What are the benefits of digitalisation within HR?

Above all, it saves time – and thus money. Digital tools such as onboarding (introduction), questionnaires and offboarding (finish) provide a more professional and consistent employee experience for new and existing employees while providing increased control and measurability for you as an employer.

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What parts of the administration of benefits does Benify handle?

We handle the entire process – from making the benefit available in the portal and delivering it to the employee, to deducting the amount from the employee’s salary or bank account.

With our automated processes, you, as an employer, needn’t worry how to calculate payroll deductions or cost-allocations for the invoice – we’ll solve this for you through readable payroll and accounting files.

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Won’t an increase in benefit offers lead to an increase in administration?

Not with Benify. Thanks to our automated processes and effective solutions, your admin work will not increase at all.

Do benefit orders need to be authorised?

No. Through a filtering rule, we apply your HR policy and authorisation directly in the portal. This means that the individual employee can only see and order benefits that he or she has access to. In other words, any benefits an employee can order has been authorised in advance.

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