Benefits and Total Reward: a strategic tool

Employee benefits not only lead to employees feeling happier and more engaged, they also have the power to enhance your employer brand. What values are important to your organisation?
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Common questions about benefits and compensation

What is EVP and why is it important?

EVP is an abbreviation for Employer Value Proposition and describes the overall compensation package, which consists of the basic salary, benefits and other values that an employer offers to existing and potential employees. Most employees focus only on salary and underestimate the value of everything else they gain through their employment. By making your entire employee investment clear and visible, you will become a more attractive employer.

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Why should you offer benefits?

Offering attractive benefits leads to higher employee satisfaction. Employees who are satisfied at work are more committed, more productive, better ambassadors for your employer brand, and are also likely to stay with your company longer. Additionally, healthcare benefits are an effective way to reduce sickness and long periods of absence, which, of course, means additional savings.

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What benefits are most popular?

It depends on who you ask —the answer varies depending on generation. In general, health and wellbeing benefits are most popular, however, many suggest that future employers need to think about offering something that appeals to everyone. Read more in our report.

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